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Logo Designing

Whether online or in Print Media a logo design has always been the first impression of your company/brand. We at Sunwest solutions always make sure that your first impression always stay ahead the rest.

Why Sunwest Solutions?

With a vast experience of more than 7 years in brand designing and brand consulting , Sunwest has always been on the top in providing its clients with a swift and clean to the point service when it gets to the designing of your brand. Making sure we deliver a completely consultative approach to all our clients, meeting their logo design/brand identity needs at all times.


How Logos are made.


The Right Logo

Designing a ‘good logo’ or the ‘right logo’ has always been a tricky task and requires a lot of skill, research, creative exploration and a keen eye for the finest detail. We put a lot of time and effort into finding the right way to distill your brand essence into a simple, unique, instantly recognisable and memorable mark.


Keeping it Simple

It has been our motto to help our clients in need of a good logo. And we believe that,simpler the logo, the more it remains remembered. Every detail or mark colour used brings additional information to decipher. A great logo is one that works perfectly in just one colour and its finished when you can’t take anything else away from it. No clutter, no confusion.


1. Logo & Branding

We provide a many different design stream services that cover different gambits and client ranges.

>   Corporate Logo Design
>   Product Branding
>   Brand Development

>   Brand Market Research
>   Corporate Stationery
>   Digital Brand Management




>   Brand Application
>   Name Generation
>   Signage Design

2. Print Design

>   Corporate Literature
>   Brochures & Leaflets
>   Advertising & Marketing


>   Bespoke Stationery
>   Magazine & Book Publishing
>   Direct Mail Design


>   Banners & Posters
>   Graphic Design
>   Postcards & Flyers


3. Packaging Design

>   Product Packaging Design
>   Food Packaging Design
>   Product Label Design

>   Bespoke Product Design
>   Product Branding
>   Product Research

>   Name Generation
>   Bar Code Generation
>   In-store Product Displays

4. Retail Design

>   Shop front Design
>   Bespoke Window Displays
>   Retail & Office Signage

>   POS Units
>   Product Shelving & Displays
>   Project Management

>   Office Refurbishments
>   Interior Design Service
>   Kiosks & Stall Design

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