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7-Step Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

1. Discover—Get to know the client’s business. Now, every designer will have a slightly different approach, but most would certainly agree that running a discovery phase and developing some sort of a brand strategy is an absolute must.
2. Research—Find out about the industry and competitors. Now, in the second step, I take all the information form the discovery phase and conduct further research to draw insights that will serve me later on in the ideation phase.
3. Brainstorm—Develop ideas and decide on art direction. In the brainstorm step, based on the discovery and research performed, I simply start outlining my strategy for generating logo ideas. Brainstorming is about thinking through all possible design directions that would steer creativity in the right direction.
4. Sketch—Create logo concepts based on strategy. Sketching logos is where real creativity comes into play, but since I’ve done my homework I’m able to judge my sketches against clearly defined criteria. The goal of sketching is to find a connection between an idea and the creation of a form.
5. Design—Select best options and execute them digitally. So once you have a ton of sketches, then you can judge them against the strategy and select the most promising concepts to execute them digitally. Now, design part is all about translating your sketches into digital form and then further testing viability of each concept.
6. Present—Show the concepts on relevant applications. Once I’m done with designing my logo concepts (and I’m pretty happy with the outcome), then I just need to show them to my client in the form of a presentation. Show the client your three strongest brand identity concepts on relevant applications.
7. Delivery—Prepare logo artwork and style guide Once you have your client’s approval, then it’s time to deliver the brand identity package including logo artwork and a style guide. The delivery package should include logo source files and a style guide that describes on how to use that logo.

Logo Design Process From Start To Finish

Every logo designer has a different approach, but most would definitely agree that there are certain steps in logo design process that all professionals share.

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